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Hello, I'm Abhishek -

I'm a Software Engineer with Front-end Superpowers

Coding has been my passion since the days I started working with computers but I found myself into web and mobile development since 2018. I take great pleasure in creating aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and functional web and mobile applications. Currently at Paytm.

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Selected Projects

A selection of Creative Technology, Content Storytelling and Design Interaction Projects.


Encyclopedia for anime enthusiasts

Animeze is a mobile application for anime lovers built using Flutter. It allows users to explore anime, manga from around the world! Discover popular and trending animes and get to know more about your favorite anime/ character.

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  • Animeze home screen snapshot
  • Animeze anime detail screen snapshot


The purpose of this web application is to provide users a video game discovery platform where they can explore video games from around the world, keep all their games in one unified profile and create their exclusive collection.

Design & Tech Used:
  • Figma
  • Next.js w/ Typescript
  • Serverless Functions & Firebase for Backend
  • React Context for State Management
  • SWR for HTTP Caching
A webpage showing a list of new and treding video games
A visually appealing and optimized layout was crucial for the initial screen of the application to allow for quick scanning of important information.
A webpage showing a result of a search for a video game
The navigation bar offers a search option for users to find video games, and upon submitting a search query, relevant results are fetched and displayed on the client side.
A webpage showing details of a video game
By selecting a game, users can view detailed information about it, including the platform, genres, plot, and screenshots.


  • 01Explore

    I put myself in the place of users in order to understand their needs.

  • 02Imagine

    I think of several ideas that can be utilized to solve problems faced by users.

  • 03Frame

    I pick a framework that suits well with the project and will begin to formalize a plan.

  • 04Design

    I will then design and create an interactive prototype.

  • 05Test

    I analyze the prototype with real users in order to optimize and validate the solution.

  • 06Deploy

    Once the prototype has been validated, I can start developing it and launch the product.

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